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How Much Does a Salt Water Pool Cost?

How Much Does a Salt Water Pool Cost?

Now when installing your fiberglass swimming pool with a salt water system, you should understand how you are benefitting from it.

1st. The cost of chlorine tablets to sanitize your swimming pool can cost up to $400 per swim season. With a salt system you will eliminate that cost!

2nd. The cost of super shock for shocking your pool, which needs to be done once a week, with 1-2 bags in hot climates, 1-2 bags after it rains, 1-2 bags after a heavy bather load. With each 1 lb bag of shock costing around $5 per bag, can add up to hundreds at the end of your swim season. With a salt system you will eliminate that cost!

3rd. Algaecide a chemical to help control algae in your swimming pool can cost $18 per bottle with 6 bottles needed for a swim season, can all add up. With a salt water system you will eliminate that cost!

The cost of our fiberglass swimming pool very with size and style, also with added features and upgrades. The pricing usually starts at $1250.00 to $1400.00 per foot, on the length of the pool, so if your looking at a 30 foot pool installed, starting price will be in the range of 33k to 35k. What that includes is the excavation, dirt haul off, pool installation, backfill and plumbing, it will also include a basic 1 hp pump, cartridge filter, and a chlorinator, and 3 ft of deck. So there you have it, a turn key pool in the mid thirties. A salt water system is an upgrade from a regular chlorine feeder (chlorinator). So when you consider the three factors above, you can see that $2200.00 for a salt water system, added to your pool, will pay itself off in a matter of months.

The price range for a turn key salt water swimming pool is in the range of $35k to $37k with no other upgrades… Now that is affordable!

I also have video instructions on how to maintain your salt water system.

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